Living Out LoudThe camera gently whispered to me take a glance and tell me what you see, while I stood there staring out at what was in front of me..

Quietly I began to observe my surroundings the stillness, the warmth of the day, the  reflections on the water.. My inner chatter had seized and the level of trust and slow breathing began to take place..

Silently I focused my attention on the image I wanted to capture in that precise moment, that feeling that had arisen in me that led me to answer the question what do I see?

I see that beauty is reflected everywhere we look if we take the the time to open our eyes and look at what lays before us. I see that life is full of moments waiting to be lived and that those moments are indeed singular…  I see that in a few seconds a mere change can occur without one knowing if we do not pay attention.  I see that many times throughout my life, I may not have taken the time to actually listen to my inner voice for my own fear of inadequacy.

Camera responded all that you have answered in simplicity is your inner contemplation of life, experiences lived, situations  encountered, moments perhaps forgotten.

The greatest gift is when you are able to listen within and step outside yourself to acknowledge everything that is place before you.  When you are willing to capture the essence of the person next to you by extending your hand without forgetting the importance of self love…

All of this life has to offer, and my second question to you is, will you be joining me in this quest of Living Out Loud?