About me :

As early as I can remember, people would often tell me their heartfelt stories, often bringing tears to their eyes as I would sit there listening in amazement. I would stare in wonder, noting that what people were vocalizing differed from what they had wanted to express, and how the energy in their bodies would shift or remain in one particular area. This taught me throughout my childhood how to keep a mental photograph in my mind as I was learning.

At thirteen, I saw the unmistakable spirit of a family member who had been suffering from Leukemia as he walked into the bedroom and gently kissed each of his daughters on their forehead. I recall, with clarity, how healthy he looked, his smile, and thinking, how everyone would be happy with him being discharged from the hospital. The next morning the family received a call that he had passed and I realized that what I had actually ‘seen’ was him coming home to say goodbye. This was an invaluable experience in my spiritual growth. Invaluable because I realized that information often presented to me as visual allegory and I must interpret what I see, sometimes in obtuse or abstract ways to find its intended message or meaning.

As the years passed by while I navigated the distractions of adolescence and early adulthood, I heard the voices less and seeing spirits had subsided. I began my journey into this world experiencing all of life’s wonders and challenges. Every path taken lead me to understand the invaluable lesson of listening to the whispers of our hearts.

In 2005 the voices began again during early Spring. I believe that this reemergence of voice was a gentle nudge moving me forward into an entirely new direction. This led me on a quest to discover my life’s purpose, and shortly thereafter my path crossed, at a conference in 2008, with my dear mentor Jose Antonio Campaña. That weekend Jose Antonio guided me through an energetic soul journey session that allowed me to listen to the messages of my purpose and service in a far more clear and resonant way that I had ever experienced before. The Guide’s voice – every word communicated – rumbled deep within my soul and at that moment with tears in my eyes, quivering, that I humbly bowed my head and surrendered onto the path of Intuitive Guide.